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Wang Yi
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Wang Yi

Wang Yi was born in the Chinese province of Jiangsu, in 1960. He lives in Beijing, where he works as an artist, a poet, an art curator and critic. Besides being a scholar at the China National Academy of Painting, he holds a Doctorate degree from the Chinese Art Research Institute as well as one in Economics from the University of Wuhan. He fills a number of positions: Executive Dean of the Sculpture Institute of China and of the National Chinese Academy of Painting, Director of the China Artists Association and of the Cultural Society of Chinese Poetry, Board Chairman of the National Contemporary Chinese Art Archives, professor at the East China Normal University.\nAmong the many solo exhibitions held in China: “An accidental expression of art” at the Beijing Times Museum in 2016, and “Modification/Modulation” at Minsheng Art Museum in 2018. Many of his works are part of public and private collections.

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