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ZAI | Zhong Art International is a reality based in Italy and China, which operates in the field of Arts and Cultural Activities Italy-China. Our main activity is organizing art exhibitions and cultural events. We have parternships with Entities and Institutions, including the Chinese Ministry of Culture, Consulates and Embassies both in China and in Italy, as well as cultural exchanges between Universities and Academies, State and Private Museums, and the most important artistic organization of the country. In addition to exhibitions, we are dedicated to the realization of all those activities that can create a cultural bridge between Italy and China: for example, we work to create new and lasting exchanges between institutions and institutes of the two countries, projects and collaborations that combine similar realities the basis of Art and Culture. The root of our work, the will that drives our whole business, is the commitment to create a strong link between two ancient cultures—China and Italy. We believe that art is the most effective and immediate ways of communication, the only one able to overcome every difficulty and language barriers. Our purpose today is to stimulate the culture’s vitality, to excite our curiosity and to create some new meaningful activities, and we hope that in the future we can make a prosperous world for our next generation. Starting from the demands of our customers, we are able to organize quality events with high creativity and professional experience, offering customized services and practical consultations for every occasions. Founded in 2017, ZAI | Zhong Art International, a highly organized event agency in the Florence and Beijing areas, offers a full range of services.We are the propagators of Chinese art and culture, we strive to promote them to be duly appreciated in Italy. A team of professionals beside you to ensure the quality, reliability and results.

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