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Pang Maokun
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Pang Maokun

Pang Maokun was born in Chongqing in 1963, where he is still living and working. He studied Oil Painting at The Sichuan Fine Arts Academy and received his Master’s degree in 1988. He took part in Chinese exhibitions very soon and has subsequently extensively shown abroad. He became well known since 2018 also in Italy, thanks to his solo exhibition “Attualità del passato” in Florence, where he presented masterpieces from the past, reproduced with the addition of ironic elements, new characters in the setting and a number of self-portraits.\nPang Maokun has been considered one of the Chinese artists of the so-called “rural” movement who better represented the ethnic minorities of his country. For many years he intensely concentrated his research on classic oil painting techniques, applied in a contemporary context, and gradually turned to other subjects as well, never betraying his flawless skill and his unmistakable style. His drawings combine features belonging to past and present, as well as to eastern and western world.\nHe is holding several prestigious positions among which President of the Sichuan Fine Arts Academy and of the Chonqin Painting Academy, Director of the Chonqin Museum of Art.\nHis works can be found in private and public international collections.

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