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Fang Lijun
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Fang Lijun

Fang Lijun was born in 1963 in Handan, China. He lives in Beijing, where he attended the Fine Arts Academy. After the Tiananmen events he became famous as one of the most important members of the “Cynical realism” movement. These artists used their works to criticise the communist party in an ironical and cynical way; Fang Lijun's works dealt with issues such as human rights, morality and political oppression, using colorful and surrealistic images. One of his most recurring elements is a bald head, partly a self-portrait but mainly the symbol of the apathetic followers of the communist party. Among his numerous solo exhibitions: Today Art Museum in Beijing, The Japan Foundation in Tokyo, Berlin Staatliche Museum. His works can be found in renowned collections, both private and public.

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