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Enzo Cucchi
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Enzo Cucchi

Enzo Cucchi was born near Ancona in 1949 and he currently lives and works in Rome. He started painting and writing poems as an autodidact, after working for some time in the restoration of paintings and books. He settled in Rome in the mid-seventies and after exploring Conceptual Art, he moved towards representational painting and drawing, becoming the most visionary member of the Transavantgarde movement. His large works on canvas are completed with drawings and often presented with own poems. The recurring themes arise from his unconscious, from literature or from myth; they often refer to the Bible and are also inspired by the Italian Primitives paintings. The extensive use of light enhances the depth of forms and space, and his landscapes, while conveying a strong metaphysical feeling, are immersed at the same time in an atmosphere of dream and meditation. Cucchi has experimented various forms of expression using heterogeneous materials; he considers any technique applicable when the purpose is creating “necessary” artistic works, able to increase the degree of civilization. International exhibitions have made him famous worldwide.

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