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White: Italian Contemporary Ceramic Art

The Spirit of Ceramics — Jingdezhen International Ceramic Art Biennale 2021, italian pavilion:White — Italian Contemporary Ceramic Art

Poster of exhibition White — Italian Contemporary Ceramic Art
Fabrizio Lucchesi,Wall,27X60X140 cm,2021

"White" symbolises the authenticity and purity of porcelain, at the same time implies that it is implicated and portrayed in the inner world of human beings. Whether in China, in Italy or around the world, in the long history of human civilisation, we can not only imagine the past through porcelain, but also explore the future from its legacy.

Every hand that holds the clay is shaping the dream of art, and it is also consciously or unintentionally blending and interweaving the cultures and aesthetic consciousness of different nationalities. For thousands of years, two ancient civilisations have unknowingly carried out a dialogue across the space. Today, in Jing-De-Zhen, the capital of ceramics, a new round of exploration is underway.

The opening of exhibition White — Italian Contemporary Ceramic Art

On March 2, 2022, city Jing-De-Zhen City and city Faenza successfully held the opening ceremony online and offline of the exhibition — "Spirit of Porcelain" 2021 Jing-De-Zhen International Ceramic Art Biennale - "White" Italian Contemporary Ceramic Art through. China art magazines and newspapers such as Phoenix Media Inv , "Porcelain Evening News", Italian Ravenna TV, "Giornale dell'arte" also reported on the opening ceremony one after another.

Consul General of Italy in Canton (Guangzhou): Lucia Pasqualini

At the opening, Ms. Lucia Pasqualini, the Consul General of Italy in Guangzhou, congratulated the exhibition for successfully presenting the theme of "the application of ceramic technology in different fields of art". She said she believes that "communication between the two outstanding cities is the foundation of social progress and development", and she wished the bilateral cooperation between China and Italy would be further developed.

Mr. Matteo Zauli, the Italian curator and director of the Carlo Zauli Museum, and Mr. Zhang Xiuzhong, the executive curator, brought to the Chinese audience 54 works from 32 groups of Italian artists. By presenting the results of the joint creation of different artists, designers and craftsmen, the exhibition shows the ideas, concepts and technologies of different ceramic and porcelain art creators, and provide a new context for exploring how ceramic and porcelain art adapts to the present and future.

Italian delegates at the opening ceremony,from left to right:Curator Matteo Zauli、Mayor of Faenza Massimo Isola、Executive curator Xiuzhong Zhang

The Mayor of Faenza, Massimo Isola, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, saying that this project, as an Italian special exhibition, is a good opportunity for the two countries to "enhance exchanges" and “to learn and grow" with each other. He also pointed out that a series of activities between the two sister cities "is not only an exchange of civili sations, but also promotes mutual assistance and economic growth.”

Mimmo Paladino,Testimone,48X28X61 cm,1999-2021

Exhibition: White — Italian Contemporary Ceramic Art

Exhibition artists:

Alberto Garutti | Alberto Gianfreda | Andrea Salvatori | Annalisa Guerri | Antonella Cimatti | Chiara Camoni | David Casini | Diego Cibelli | ELICA studio - Carlo Pastore,Elisabetta Bovina | Eva Marisaldi | Fabrizio Lucchesi | Fiorenza Pancino | Fos Ceramiche | Francesco Ardini | Gabriele "mrCorto" Resmini & Luca "Pi" Pellegrino | Georgia Matteini Palmerini | Giulia Bonora | Italo Zuffi | Lorenza Boisi | Luce Raggi | Marco Basta,Alessandro Di Pietro, Michele Gabriele,Andrea Romano,Jonathan Vivacqua | Marta Palmieri | Mimmo Paladino | Mirco Denicolò | Nero/Alessandro Neretti | Ornaghi & Prestinari | Patrizio Bartoloni | POL Polloniato | Sandra Baruzzi | Sara Dario | Silvia Celeste Calcagno | Simone Negri

Exhibition Dates:2021.12.18 - 2022.3.17 (Postponed to 2022.5.17)

Exhibition Location:Ceramic Art Avenue Art Gallery

Organised by:Jingdezhen Municipality、Jingdezhen Ceramic University、Faenza Municipality、China Arts and Entertainment Group Ltd.

Created by:China International Exhibition Agency,Ceramic Art Avenue Art Gallery,Zhong Art International (Italy),Museo Carlo ZauliBureau of International Exchanges and Cooperation, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China、Italian Embassy in Beijing、Italian Association of Ceramic Cities (AiCC)、European Route of Ceramics

Artistic Directors:Lyu Pinchang, Li Zongbao, Liu Zili

Curator: Matteo Zauli

Executive curators:Zhang Yinglin, Jin Wenwei, Yin Peng, Gang Hao

Exhibition coordinators:Lyu Dong, Wang Xiaoli, Zhao Lantao, Shao Changzong, Li Wei, Zhu Haoran, Hua Jing

Organisational assistants:Guo Yuchuan, Ji Yin, Wei Wenqing, Zhou Xinyi,

Xue Xuan, Wang Jingbo, Liu Yi, Monica Semprini, Xu Yayang, Liu Yaxin, Wang Yicai, Jin Yinzhu


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