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Renaissance - The Museums of Florence told by their directors

The Museum of the Florence Cathedral

- Saturday, June 19th, 8:00

Monsignor Timothy Verdon: “the reason of being and the exhibition”

- Saturday, June 26th, 8:00

Professor Antonio Natali: “Humanism in the Opera Museum”

The Museum of San Marco

- Saturday, September 11th, 9:00

Professor Stefano Casciu: " A journey through the museums of Florence in the name of the Medici "

- Saturday, September 18th, 9:00

Professor Angelo Tartuferi: “The Museum of San Marco in Florence, from past to future”

The Museum of Palazzo Medici

- Saturday, November 27th, 8:00

Professor Valentina Zucchi: “Palazzo Medici Riccardi, from the Renaissance to us”

- Date to be defined

Professor Cristina Acidini: “The Medici and the Arts in 15th Century Florence”

Monsignor Verdon's live lecture from the Museo of Duomo of Florence

Monsignor Verdon's live lecture followed by the audiences in the Art Museum of Ningbo (China)

On Saturday, June 19th, Zhong Art International launched the first live lecture of the new project conceived by President Xiuzhong Zhang, "Renaissance - The Museums of Florence told by their directors" with great success. The project was born during the pandemic, aimed at stimulating interests towards Florence and attracting academics, potential visitors, tourism operators, journalists, and bloggers in China. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Department of International Relations of Ningbo, the Ningbo Museum of Art, the Pan Tianshou School of Architecture, Art and Design of Ningbo University, and the Department of International Communication of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Nottingham Ningbo University.

A moment of Monsignor Timothy Verdon's lecture in the Paradise Hall of the Museum

Antonio Natali and Xiuzhong Zhang during a break of the live lecture in the Paradise Hall

The project includes a first cycle of six live lectures: the respective directors or art historians visit the museum, illustrating its history and collections. With the support of images and videos, even the audiences in China can appreciate the exceptional opportunity to approach the artworks presented by the lecturers, as if they were in the museums. The excellent lectures of Monsignor Timothy Verdon, Professor Antonio Natali, Professor Stefano Casciu and Professor Angelo Tartuferi have received positive feedback from the public and various media as well.

Stefano Casciu listens to the questions from the audiences in the Art Museum of Ningbo

In Ningbo the interpreter translates for Angelo Tartuferi from the Library of the Museum of San Marco

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