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The Videos for the "Renaissance - The Museums of Florence told by their directors" Project

Presentation of the project

"Renaissance - The Museums of Florence told by their Directors"

September 27th, 2021. 17.00pm.

Cinema La Compagnia

Via Cavour 50R, Florence

After months of forced absence, Zhong Art International returns to the Florentine scene: Xiuzhong (Gianni) Zhang, creator of the online project "Rinascimento - The Museums of Florence told by their directors”, aimed at the distant Chinese public to promote Florentine art. On September 27th 2021, Zhong Art International has organised a documentary screening in Cinema La Compagnia. Cristina Giachi, vice-mayor of Florence, Tommaso Sacchi, (former) councillor of the Cultural and International Relations Committee of Florence, and Stefania Ippoliti, head of the Tuscany Regional Film Association attended the event.

Stefania Ippoliti and Xiuzhong Zhang during the presentation

Xiuzhong Zhang, President of Zhong Art International, together with the Director of the Polo Museale della Toscana Stefano Casciu, Antonio Natali, Timothy Verdon, Angelo Tartuferi and Cristina Acidini, illustrated the objectives, the structure, and the various aspects of this project.

Four documentaries were presented at this event: "The Museum of the Florence Cathedral" with Timothy Verdon, "The Monument of Dante in the Florence Cathedral" with Antonio Natali, "The Villas of Medici" with Stefano Casciu and "The Museum of San Marco" with Angelo Tartuferi.

From the left: Angelo Tartuferi, Antonio Natali, Stefano Casciu, Cristina Acidini e Xiuzhong Zhang

Journalists and audience during the screening


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