October 20th 2018 - International Summit “Belt and Road” in Jinan: The New Silk Road

On October 20th 2018 an important international summit took place in Jinan, capital of the Shandong Eastern province, in the framework of the project Belt and Road - better known in Italy as New Silk Road - promoted by the Chinese Development and Reform Ministry and by the Municipal Government of the city of Jinan, with the cooperation of ZAI, Zhong Art International.

2018 One Belt, One Road - 一带一路 ZAI

The event was addressed to Mayors and institutional representatives from the major cities worldwide; over 300 participants attended, from Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Thailand, Italy etc. The French and Italian delegates were coordinated by Zhong Art International.

2018 One Belt, One Road - 一带一路 ZAI

The opening session of the summit was chaired by the Vice-Secretary of the Jinan Municipal Party and by the Mayor Sun Shutao, member of the Permanent Committee of the Shandong province, by the Secretary of the Jinan Municipal Committee, Wang Zhonglin, by the General Secretary of the Chinese Development and Reform Ministry, Cong Liang, by the Vice-Governor of the Shandong province, Sun Jiye, by the Director of the International Cooperation Centre of the Chinese Development and Reform Ministry, Huang Yong and by the Director of the National Information Centre on Public Credit, Zhou Min.

2018 One Belt, One Road - 一带一路 ZAI

The Italian delegation comprised the Mayor of Vernio, Giovanni Morganti, and the Alderman for Economic Development of the Prato Municipality, Daniela Toccafondi, who introduced the area of Prato and its assets, from textile industry to tourism opportunities. The interest for Italy and its delegates was significant: at the end of the summit the Vice-Mayor of Jinan, li Zijun, held a further meeting with Giovanni Morganti and Daniela Toccafondi, proving the considerable attention for the Tuscan economic and productive dynamism.

Belt and Road is the project - not only concerning infrastructural issues - through which China plans to diversify trading routes, via six freight corridors by land and by sea, and to develop relations with the European Union.



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