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FánHuā Chinese Film Festival

First edition in Florence

Fán Huā Chinese Film Festival Cinema La Compagnia Via Cavour 50/R, Firenze

14 - 19 ottobre 2021

The “Fán Huā Chinese Film Festival” aims to promote cultural communication and deepen the understanding between China and Italy, through the structure filled with multiple perspectives and elements, the rich forms, contents, and directing styles, to introduce and present the various living styles and diverse custom of China to the public of Italy.

"I am extremely pleased and honoured to have the opportunity of contributing to Zhong Art International’s initiative. Chinese Cinema has gained artistic prominence for several decades now in the festival circuits, as proved by the number of awards received in Cannes, Venice, and Berlin.

Fán Huā Chinese Film Festival modestly proposes to provide a chance for mutual meeting and acquaintance, both cinematographic and cultural, with an emphasis on the incoming filmmakers of a vital and variegated Cinema."

— Paolo Bertolin, “Fán Huā Chinese Film Festival” Artistic Consultant

Il pomeriggio del 14 ottobre 2021, l’inaugurazione del primo "Fan Hua Chinese Film Festival" e la cerimonia di apertura si sono svolte con successo al Cinema la Compagnia di Firenze con l’aiuto e il sostegno dell'Ambasciata Cinese e del Consolato Generale a Firenze, e delle istituzioni fiorentine.

A moment of the press conference

Interview with the creator of the Festival Xiuzhong Zhang and the Artistic Advisor Paolo Bertolin.

Complete news are available on the website

Fán Huā Chinese Film Festival

14 - 19 ottobre 2021

Cinema La Compagnia

Via Cavour 50/R, Firenze


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