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2022 FánHuā Chinese Film Festival

First edition in Milan

FánHuā Chinese Film Festival

Il Cinemino

Via Seneca 6, Milano

4 - 5 March 2022

On March the 4th and 5th, 2022, Zhong Art International held the first edition in Milan, Italy, of its “FánHuā Chinese Film Festival“ at “Il Cinemino”. Among the Chinese and Italian representatives attending online and in-person on March the 4th, Mr. Liu Kan, Chinese Consul General in Milan, and Mr. Tommaso Sacchi, Councillor for Culture of the Milan Municipality, took part in the opening.

Through different genres and narrative styles, the three films “Back to the Wharf", “Legend of Deification" and “A First Farewell" presented to the audience Chinese stories featuring different times, backgrounds, regions, and lives, in order to highlight "separation", "return", "true feelings", "redemption" and other well-known social issues that are intensively discussed today. At the same time, the film festival also provides reflections on how people should face and adapt themselves to the upcoming changes of the near future, especially after experiencing this sudden pandemic.

“As a social place, cinemas are very important and necessary to the social society… I believe it is good to bring Chinese films into contact with an open international city(Milan). Through the languages ​​of cinema and culture, people can stimulate mutual knowledge. So thanks to those who have worked on this project which is a new arrival in the cultural panorama of Milan.”

— Tommaso Sacchi, Councillor for Culture of the Milan Municipality

"FánHuā Chinese Film Festival" presented in the Italian newspaper


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